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Art, Photography & Literature

Art, Photography & Literature comes in all forms and can be enjoyed by so many, especially when they have a genuine appreciation of these subjects. All ages can take part in learning and improving their skills and appreciating the diversity of all the different creative activities, since there are so many.

Going to exhibitions to view photographers and artists’ creations is an enjoyable experience for those who appreciate the variety and personal interpretations of creative individuals producing their masterpieces. At an Literary open mic event you can share your writing by reading your work for others to hear and enjoy. And to go to an open mic event to listen, can be extremely entertaining. Quite often there are musicians who have written songs and they share and entertain the crowd with their melody. 

And for individuals to exhibit and share their creations, it is inspiring due to so may people who would love to have the courage to paint, photograph or write.

There are some great Art Clubs. They foster an interest in visual art. Adults and children can attend Art Classes and learn the fine detail, how to sketch, how to mix colours and how to make the painting or drawing come alive. Art of course can come in many forms like being creative with Clay. Why not try a pottery class.

Why not join a Photography Club, where support and encouragement is invaluable. Or if you are visiting the area just pop along to one of the meetings and speak to like minded people.

There are some wonderful Writing Groups who meet regularly to inspire each other and encourage creative flow. Lots of people love literature in all forms. Writing does not have to be a lonely isolated hobby. There are plenty of opportunities to meet like-minded people. Taking part in writing groups can be very beneficial, rewarding and fulfilling.

Reading groups share their thoughts and opinions on books they have all read. This opens up for some topical conversations.

Reading and writing is appreciated and enjoyed by all ages.

Going to an Art Class, a Photography Club or a Writing Group is a great way to make new friends and socialise with people who have the same interests.

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