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Why you should Advertise your Business with us!

It is good to advertise with Entertainment Mojo as it is a site that attracts visitors who keep using the site on a regular ongoing basis.

Out target market include Local, National and International clients.

A cross selection of various age groups and both genders are attracted because of the diversity of information available.

Because people keep coming back to our site your potential customers will see your Advertisements several times. People are more likely to click on your advert if it is seen on numerous occasions. Raising your Brand Awareness in the process.

As well as being visible on the website events are promoted on Facebook and Twitter too!

About Entertainment Mojo

Customers visit our site to find out information of what is on in the beautiful Co. Kerry and vibrant Co. Cork.

 The abundance of talented Musicians, Artists, Writers, Photographers, Dancers and many more are just amazing. Kerry and Cork is also proud of the sporting sector, with numerous events supporting great athletes.

Our site is updated daily so YOUR POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS keep visiting the site.

It is a one stop shop. Lots of information in one place.

Things to do, events and festivals happening, activities available, places to eat and places to stay.

A huge and wide variety of Festivals throughout the year.

Outstanding entertainment in the wonderful Theatres with lots of Music Events, Shows, Musicals and Plays.

A fantastic selection of Sporting events from Triathlons to Horse Fairs.

If you love to take part in Exercise and Dance Classes, we have all that information too.

For the creatives we have news on Art Galleries, Exhibitions, Photography Clubs and Writing Groups.

In the Seasonal section there are details on what entertainment there is at Easter, Summer, Halloween and Christmas. Children’s Camps and special events.

Easy for people to find what they are looking for in one place.

An example of a Static Advert with with a link to a page about your company and a link to your web-site is below:

Cost to Advertise

To advertise your business on any of our pages with a Static advert with a link to a page about your company and a link to your web-site: Only €150 per year. (Less than €2.89 per week)

Like the example above

To advertise your business on ‘Paces to Stay’ OR Places to Eat’ ORActivities’ it is just €79 per year  (Less than €1.52 per week)

To discuss advertising your events or your band please contact us for a price and information and we will be happy to help.


Telephone: 083 859 7979